After five years of intense research, author Chuck Spinner has written the definitive story of the Naperville, Illinois train wreck of April 25th, 1946.  The collision was the worst in the history of the Burlington Railroad!  Chuck has uncovered the histories of the 45 victims of the tragedy, interviewed two surviving eye witnesses to the event, and talked with survivors and helpers at the scene.  His family lived just a block from the crossing where the accident occurred.

Spinner was born at St. Charles Hospital in Aurora, Illinois on October 22, 1946.  Thomas Chaney, severely injured in the train wreck, was released from this same hospital on December 18th, 1946.  Perhaps, during his recovery, Tom may have viewed Jo hn and Louise Spinner's infant son in the nursery.  If so, Chaney would have never imagined that he was viewing the person, who 66 years later would write the story that he had just lived!

Listen to Chuck's interview with WJTN's (Jamestown, New York) Jim Roselle by clicking on this link:

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